I don't know if anyone has mentioned it or not but I would like to take up a LOVE offering for Gramps family and send it to them from his TNDEER family because I know how hard it is with everything loosing a loved one. I will or someone else it does not matter to me take the money or we can set up a paypal account through tndeer if Ruger can do this if not I would be happy to collect it and send it to his family or someone that is close to his family can do it. Let me know if someone wants to be in charge and I can send u a check in the mail. it just a thought. I can't take it personally but can send it to them in the mail. If someone else could take to them personally let me know thx. I have to get to bed but I will check tomm to see what everyone thinks.

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Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

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