Had some folks over last night, including a couple of our own. We ate a ton of food had no less than 8 different bottles of brown water circulating the room. BuckWild made some killer Red Beans and Rice and dutch oven cobbler. I failed to get a whole lot of pics because I spent most of the evening with a glass of bourbon in one hand and food in the other.

This is a Venison, Duck Liver and Wild Turkey Liver andouille sausage that I smoked over a drip pan of bacon drippings and bourbon.

Broiled Shrimp

Roasted Venison Leg of Bayou Blue

I have this recipe posted in detail here: http://gocarnivore.com/2013/02/13/fat-tuesday-carnivations/

Its a really great dish that is relatively simple to do. It has a very "sweet" falvor and is different from any venison dish I have ever had.

We also has a great cheese spread, some Boudins, and King Cake, but I didn't manage any pics. A little hungover, too.
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