My church has run out of options for affordable places to meet now that our discounted rent opportunity is drying up. We've been offered a great deal on a little tract of land in Arlington. Although I'm not crazy about moving out of town (current location is in central Bartlett), that's the only thing we can afford. We've had a gracious offer extended to us for a rotating crew of volunteer workers to come help us build a church over the coming summer (starting in June). It would be teams of 20-50 people each week over a period of ~ 2 months.

I've been tasked with helping find spots for them to sleep that are:
A) reasonably close to the work site to maximize efficiency and use of their time and,
B) cost-effective (they are already volunteering, so paying for a week of hotel rooms is something we are trying to help them avoid)

So far, I've only found a few decent prospects that are within a 30-minute drive:
An RV park on Canada Road called "Memphis East Campground", and the Agricenter, which has RV hook-ups. I've also found 2 retreat-type centers - the St. Columba Episcopal Center on Billy Maher Rd and "The Grove at Red Oak Lake" (formerly Camp Cordova).

Any of you travel-savvy people know of places that are relatively close to the Arlington area that they could stay?

The crews will be a hodgepodge of tradesmen from regional churches, so they will be staying in smaller groups. I don't require one facility to hold every single person. Some folks coming in will want RV spots, others might tent camp, others will be looking for beds. Someone else is in charge of hotel arrangements, so I don't need those unless you have some sort of special recommendation or deal you could help me with.

My main concern is keeping costs down and minimizing drive time so that we can get the most out of these generous volunteers. Any help or info would be appreciated \:\)
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