literally and physically.

I have a dear friend that wanted to work up some loads for my 460 rifle. The best way I can describe Pete is that he is in his 70's, at least he looks old as hell. Pete does testing for many rifle and ammo manufactures. Pete does not make any bones about what he is about to tell ya and will to back it up.

His main goal was to develop a load using a 400 plus gr cast bullet to go bear hunting in Canada. I objected to this and explain that the recoil is or would be too much. So he start with a 250 and 300 gr bullet.

I get a phone call yesterday in Pete's loud voice and a few choice words, I have a knot on my finger and a cut on my forhead and it is all your fault. To make matters worse, I start laughing may butt off and said I wish I was there to film it. He proclaims that this has never happened to him with all the guns that he has tested.

This fight with this grizzly bear is not over. He is to have a muzzle brake put on the barrel because he wants to shoot a 400 gr bullet.

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