Arlington National Cemetery February 12, 2013

Equating homosexual partners to legitimate marriage, a spokesman for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said, "Policy for burial at Arlington National Cemetery is under review.." See announcement here.
Among sweeping changes just signed by the departing Panetta are the issuing of military ID cards, which will give same-sex spouses and partners access to on-base commissaries, movie theaters and gyms.
Other changes Panetta is pushing for are prohibited by the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), which Panetta and the Obama administration have asked the Supreme Court to overturn.
This means the military will recognize homosexual lovers as "married" and will give a full slate of benefits, including burial in Arlington National Cemetery.
Panetta, at every turn, has exposed the military to open homosexuality, which presents an unacceptable risk to good order, discipline, morale and unit cohesion - qualities essential for combat readiness.

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