Weather was better this year. Last year was hot (80+) and dry. This year was better. THey had burned about 250 acres of mature pines recently adjacent to where we hunt which made it tough on the dogs in there. I could still smell the burn. First morning we tried to hunt some thicker pines but shots were impossible to come by so we moved about 10:30 without firing a shot.

Started hitting the red briar thickets and got 16 that afternoon with 5 guns. Not to shabby but not our best day on this farm.

We hit the same pines Sunday morning as Saturday morning but went on the other side of the powerline. Still tough to get shots but rabbits were not hard to find although we had some long runs and some bad shooting.:D

Got 5 in 4 hours for a total of 21 but no doubt left plenty to breed down there.

Official BTR Scorer in NW Alabama and southern middle Tennessee