during the ML season I had a few encounters with this doe in the woods along the creek. I called her Nanner Doe, and I still want to kill her... She was big, looked old, with a deep brisket. And she always had a young doe or big fawn tagging along with her. I watched a buck chase her on the morning where I killed my 2nd bow buck later in the evening. She picked me out multiple times, I even flung an arrow at her and hit a tree. When she blew at me it was a lot deeper sound that most deer blowing. You could tell she was smarter and warier than other deer... she must die this coming deer season.

Well, I set my cam in a new spot before the 'vous. I got 14 pics in a row of a doe, most of them with her looking straight at the camera. It is a black flash/low glow camera too. When she finally moved on, a young doe or fawn was tagging along (not shown here). No way of really telling, but this might be the same nanner doe, and is only several hundred yards from where I saw her during deer season. I bet she is an old one.

Here is a snow pic from the saturday morning when it snowed, I got 2 pics of 2 passing deer.

And here is the new clearing I have been working on in the middle of the thicket. Mainly have used a machete, bow saw, and cultivating rake to clear it out. This pic along with a few others of the same deer came the night after I made the clearing, shows the deer went to use it immediately. A couple of the pics show the deer eating the greens that were exposed when I raked the area.... When I went to pull the card and clear more area, I put out a trophy rock.

Hopefully the trophy rock will bring some nice pics! I'm done with corn, got sick and tired of so many coon pics. I thought about scattering some clover seed and raking it in, but I think exposing the ground here will allow plenty of native forbs to grow that the deer will like...