I stole from several recipes today, including one for a tomato-based "carbonara".

Cubed up some shoulder and ham steaks and seared them
Several cloves of garlic
1-2 TBspoons olive oil
5 or 6 tomatoes (some I diced, others I blended)
Several handfuls of mushrooms left in large pieces (whole or halved)
Salt and pepper (good bit of salt, maybe 2 tablespoons of kosher)
Chopped basil leaves
Red wine to deglaze the skillet and throw in

Everything in the crock pot all afternoon. Poured it over a pot of rotini pasta.
Pretty simple recipe, and my kids (2 and 5) ate it like wolves.

If the kids weren't there I would suggest red pepper to give it an edge. Also, might want to go heavier on the garlic if you like it.
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.