All right, let's see who can come up with the best shed antlers this year.

The prize, as of now, will be bragging rights on Tndeer. This is a "just for fun" contest and not for any serious prizes (unless someone would like to donate something).

Sign up starts NOW (February 10)
Sign up ends on Friday, February 15.


Contest opens Saturday, February 16.

Contest closes on Sunday, May 12.

Sheds found before February 16 will not qualify for the contest.

Winning Categories:
-Biggest Shed (Highest B&C score)
-Smallest Shed (Lowest score)
-Biggest Matching Set (Highest B&C score with estimated spread)
-Most Sheds (Highest number of sheds found)

RULES: Read all rules before signing up...

-Whitetail deer sheds only; no skulls or broken-off antlers
-Score using B&C (Please read instructions below)
-Shed hunting with dogs is allowed
-A pic must be posted of each shed to be entered. A separate thread will be started for the entries.
-Each entry photo must have something recognizable for size reference next to the antler, not behind or in front of the antler.
-Sheds are not limited to Tennessee if a member is out of state
-No sheds found prior to February 16 may be entered

Good luck to all! Play fair and enjoy the woods.


Read this even if you already know - there may be slight differences in how your score your antlers.

We will use the B&C system for scoring. I don't believe they have a method for single antlers, but I have adapted their system for the contest.

For single sheds, you will need the following measurements, in inches, to the nearest 1/8 inch:

-Length of main beam
-Length of all points longer than 1 inch (this does not include the tip of the main beam)
-Four circumference measurements

Add the above measurements together to score the shed.

CLICK HERE and read the instructions on how to measure points, beams, circumference, etc. Read all the way through the form to the bottom. Don't fill out the form; that is only for scoring a full rack on a deer.


Score each antler separately as shown above, and add the two together for the total score.


For this contest, and I don't believe this goes by B&C, but for SPIKE sheds only, measure the length of the spike and one circumference measurement directly above the burr ONLY. Add these two measurements together for the score - hopefully this will keep it less confusing. This is obviously only for the "smallest shed" category.