Had a few guys yell at me asking me to let you guys know how I am. I am out of the Hospital about over the flu and the infection I had still pretty weak and tired it took alot out of me. My Blood Clot how ever just isn't progressing like it should some of it on the top has cleared up some but the middle has not. The Doctors are saying its looking like it will probably never get much better, I am praying it will. It's been a rough 4 or 5 months just trying to keep my mind straight and not loose what little I have left. Pain will drive you insaine if you let it and the thought of death. I been pretty depressed my life has ceased for the last few months. Looks like it ant gonna get better for a while yet if ever. I missed my entire hunting season and now looks like I wont get to fish either. Coumadin levels going crazy from being sick was 1.3 last week they give me extra meds and shots then it shot up to 4.6 which is very dangerous. I finally got it down to 2.2 yesterday. I have a good day every once in a while but most are for not. I can't keep the swelling down without being in bed most of every day. I put on a smiley face for my family but you can only do that for so long ya know. I miss being on here and talking to you guys and seeing whats going on but seems im just not interested in much these days my mind wonders alot thinking about things that are happening and that could happen it bout drives me crazy at times. I pray every night things will get better but right now I just don't know, I'm tired of hurting, Tired of Doctors, and eating pills for all the things they say it will help. I never took any meds since I been in a chair in 21 years up until now and I hate it. I dont get on here whinning about it much cause I know no one wants hear someone being a baby all the time. I don't see anyone anymore nor talk to anyone mostly just set in my room or lay in the bed trying to keep my leg from swelling up. I wanna thank you guys for asking about me I really app it it's just a really hard time for me right now. I have always had to fight to live with the infections and all, but now seems like I am getting hit by every angle at once and it hard to fight every day everything 24/7 all the time. It makes you just want to give up at times. I havent even got to drive for over 4 months and when u are in my position driving means alot its a big freedom. anyway I will try to check in again soon keep me in your prayers please I just want my life back nothing more nothing less
Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

"Let God in he will save you all you have to do is ask"

"I'm a legend in my own mind"