The anchor and I went to eat earlier tonight and the place was PACKED.

There was two couples, the women's mother and one set had a son about 9 or so I would guess.
The other had a girl that was probably 9 months old or so.

From what I could gather the mother of the two women was not happy with pretty much anything.
One husband sent his food back and said he didn't want anything.

The mother with the baby had to hold her the whole time and I could tell she was on the verge of losing it.

The baby was crying and she didn't bring a bottle (rookie mistake) and then I looked over and the mother of the older boy had a grilled cheese and she was cutting the crust off it. \:D

I looked at the wife and said, you ever done that?

Classic Little Man right there.
That and chicken nuggets was all he would eat for a few years. LOL

Sigh.... kinda wish he was still that age. \:\(
Youth is wasted on the young.