Ok i like 5lbs from being down to the weight i want to be at. Since i gave up the sodas and junk food for good im averaging about 2lbs a week of weight loss. I was 150.8 on my weigh in friday. 145 is the least i want to go.

My question is when i get to the weight i wanted to lose what can i do to keep from losing anymore? I refuse to go back to soft drinks because its like an addiction when you drink them. And now that ive quit drinking them they dont even sound good.

I was around 175-180 this time last year. In June after i got off the cruise ship and had ate enough for everyone on tndeer i told myself i was doing something about it. So really since June of last year ive been trying. But there were a few bumps in the road where i ate stuff that wasnt good for you, endured soft drinks and snickers, etc.

Im only 5,5 so at 180lbs i was a tad over chubby. I feel good at my weight, clothes fit good and im much happier with my size than i was when i was chunky \:D
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