Wow Robert Slufoot Young does impressive work!!! Jus got my Gun back from him after less than two weeks. He recrowned the barrel and put an index mark on it for consistent sabot orientation. Installed the Savage Breech plug after customizing it, head spaced it. Built my ramrod from scratch it extends. Mounted it under the barrell. Al this for two hundred bucks and 2 weeks turn around. Wow!!! I sold the factory connamon laminate thumbhole and bought the Boyds left handed camo laminate stock and forend. This baby is sweet. Added a DNZ Game Reaper mount and rings and a 3-9x40 Minox. Cant wait to add 62 grains of N 120 a Blue Crushed Rib sabot and a 195 barnes and squeeze one off!!!

Vegiterian- An old Indian word for Bad Hunter.