Hope all is well with each of you, I havent been around much lately simply because we cut off internet at my house due to have a landline and not using it I still have it on my phone of course and check in every week just harder to post from my phone. Been doing great and the boys are growing up I can't believe that Kanon will be 1 in little over a month and Kiptyn will be 3 in April man times fly fo sho! Cherish every minute with your childern because they truely do fly by, I heard that al my life and heard the "This hurts me more than it will hurt you!" and until this point in my life being a dad of 2 and a husband how true that really is. I recently started a new job the 1st of the year working customer service for the local HVAC company. Working for my uncle BUCKHORN40 again this is one reason I missed you guys at the vous last year I said I wouldnt miss another lord willing and Im gonna stand by that. Last year I was days upon having my newest addition to the family and this year getting off work later wouldn't provide the time to make it to Montgomery Bell. Trust me when i got the text from Turkeyburd last friday I really really felt bad and wanted to leave work right then to get there. Anyways I'm still kicking and doing well. Deer Season was a pretty good one to boot, got a 2 year old I should let walk but he just stood there too long ha ha ha and killed a pretty good doe, both with my new 280 REM barrel....LOVE IT and its a Dang KILLER! This upcoming season I'll be leasing some property in KY with Uncle marc and my dad and brother and we are excited about that!

Hope all is well!


<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!