I realize this is way off but I've seen other Qs that are "off" too.
I'm hoping some of you have construction experience, amateur or professional. I'm wanting to pour some concrete to set a 4 X 4 in a hole. Hole is approx 6 in in diameter and 3 ft deep. The purpose is to use the 4 X 4 as a support for a mast used to support a vertical ham radio antenna. See, I told you this Q was off.
I'm wondering about concrete seting up in cold weather. Altho we have had some days lately in 50s, the lows get into freezing down into the teens at night. I have heard that concrete generates heat when curing?? Aren't there additives for the concrete mix to aid in this? I don't want the concrete to freeze or crack and have a big mess on my hands.
Thanks Ray