So I was on the phone with the wife the other day, and she had some deer standing in the road as she came around a curve. They ran off and then stopped for a second in a field that I have permission to hunt, so she got a pretty good look at them. She said that one of them was a baby, and when I asked she said that it had spots.

So my question is this: which would be the most likely -

1. That it is in fact a very early fawn.

2. That it is a very late fawn that was born in early fall and hasn't lost its spots yet. Or,

3. That what she saw was probably a piebald and was mistaken for it being a fawn.

She did say that the "baby" was much smaller than the mature does it was with, but not the size of the newborn ones we see in the spring usually.

Also, there are two other does in the area that have some extra white on them (not a lot, but more than usual) - is the piebald trait something that is hereditary?
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