Good morning everyone. I am taking a moment to ask you for some much needed prayers for my baby girl Savannah Grace and my wife Stacy Lynn. Savannah is our first and only child and is just 5 days old and has been in Neonatal ICU here in Memphis since she was 15 hours old due to her having seizure like apnea episodes where her blood oxygen level would plummet from 98% down to 70% or so. Her little body and lips would turn blue during these apnea events, and the doctors would have to administer oxygen to resuscitate her. The doctors monitored her and ran a bunch of test over the last few days and all of them but one came back positive. The CT Scan they performed yesterday was the exception. The CT Scan showed some intracranial hemorrhaging to some degree, and possibly intraventricular hemorrhaging based on the location of the blood (middle of brain). They will do another CT Scan on Saturday to see if the bleeding is worse, better, or about the same. They are planning to get a Neurosurgeon on board in case they have to put a shunt in at some point to relieve some pressure due to hydrocephalus (abnormal amounts of fluid on the brain). We will know more tomorrow afternoon as far as our path forward and the required steps necessary to get there. If you would be so kind as to send up a few prayers for both Savannah and my grief stricken wife Stacy, I would be forever indebted to you. As one would expect with a first time mom, my wife is having an EXTREMELY hard time with this news. Please pray pray and pray some more that our results Saturday are an improvement over yesterday. As previously mentioned, those results will determine our way forward and basically outline what all we will have to endure to get through this, or not endure. As proud parents, we are praying for the best and ask that you do so as well.

I figured I should at least show you a few snapshots of our little angel over the last few days. She weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 21.5 inches at birth. She is so innocent and so in need of your prayers.

Mom and Savannah right after birth

Baby Savannah

Mom and Savannah

Proud daddy and Savannah
Andy S.

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