Has anyone noticed how easy it is to get close to turkeys while pre season scouting? I mean sometimes I have had to sit and hide for many min till they get out of sight. also on up in the mornings walking ridges looking for sign and scouting new terrain slip right up into gun range. And again have to wait and let them pass, so I dont spoke them. My point is, I think hammering calls at turkeys make it much harder on us. I know yal are thinking ok this is one of those guys who likes to sit silent and deer hunt turkeys. In no way am I that. I love to call turkeys, and im like most, I over do it alot. Wonder what it would be like if no one had turkey calls, let the turkeys do their thing. Listen to them, get as close as possible without being seen. then just scratch in the leaves. wouldnt be as much fun, but deadly . Pre season scouting im always thinking man this easy. Sunday after opening day not so easy.lol

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