Not to hijack ratsnakeboogy's thread...

Last month my wife served as interpreter for a couple of deaf students who attended our state-wide Christian teen convention in Gatlinburg. It's a grueling job and requires her to constantly interpret on the fly everything that happens on stage, from music to speaking to drama to slam poetry to comedy bits.

This year we had a great comedian named Jonnie W ( I found it relatively amusing as his routine required her to run the gamut of fart jokes. Then he went into a bit about how difficult it is to tell what people are singing from stage when you don't have words projected; He did this, of course, by singing from stage without projected any words. How ironic for my bride! His last bit was about how deceptive advertising is nowadays, starting out like a pop or rock song, then slipping in a plug for the product, such as Allegra.

Afterwards my bride comes up a little wide-eyed: "When he started talking about Allegra, I was thinking, 'oh my gosh, I can't believe he's doing this at a Christian teen convention!'. Then I figured out I was thinking of a different drug altogether!"

Hey guys, if she wasn't gullible, I'd have never gotten her to marry me! ;\)
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