This is the second set of safety orange AR furniture I had picked up, and this time I wanted to try a dye job on it. Here is what it looks like before I started:

So I decided to give it a shot with some Kelley Green RIT dye and see what I ended up with. I also picked up some brown, figuring that if I was not happy - I could always go dark brown.

15 minutes into the process, I pulled the pieces out to check them and it was basically at what I would call terracotta. Not what I was looking for - so back in they went.

Here is where it ended up at 25 minutes into the dye process:

You really can't see any green, I would call the color something similar to a copper color. All pieces were dyed at the same time length, but you can see the pistol grip checkering was taking the color way more than the smooth surfaces.

Here are a few shots in place on a lower, both inside and outside in natural light:

Over all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's a unique color, almost similar to the bakelite red found on combloc AK pistol grips.

You'll notice the first pics the set came with some rail covers - those are actually rubber and not nylon, and therefore don't take the dye like the rest of the kit does.