Been hearing the local pack as of late so decided to hunt close to home rather than venturing a far. Made the 3/4 mile hike to an enlcosed pasture field wrapped in woods. get on the lakewood custom open reed using low volume. 3rd sequence and 5 miuntes in , i see the familiar gate of yote exit the woods quickly tailing away from me trying to get the wind angle on me. as i waited for him to clear a 70 yard finger of cedars to get in the opening directly in from of me, i see movement off to my left. 2nd dog was slowly trotting up the fenceline heading staright to the call. i look back to my right and can see the other yotes legs and tail as he continues to head toward the opening. look back to the left and this dog is locked up looking at the other dog (both young males). i settle the crosshairs on the point where the neck meets the shoulder and the 22-250 takes care of the wetwork. bullet fragmented and broke the spine and pushed out the rear quarter. it was rough, forgot how hard the 250 stomps em. other yote wheels at the shot and heads for more promising locales..

anyway the specifics..

vanguard 22-250
55 grain sp, over max load of varget (thanks hillbilly)
45 yards
33 pound male

"I will predator hunt for food "