He stopped at a store to grab a beer after work. His license has a little nick in it so the clerk tells him she will have to get her manager to look at his ID. He says no need, here is another one and gives her his carry permit. She informs him that she can't just take that since the dl is nicked and has to get her manager. He asks for his ID so he can just leave and she told him that he had to wait right there while she gets the mgr. This is where it all went to hades.
He told her to keep the _____ beer and give him his ID. She again said he had to wait. His temper flared and he let her know that the ONLY way she would make him stay is to call the police. She said no again. He went off, demanded his license or HE would call the police.
Good grief. I can maybe see her questioning a nicked license but also a carry permit?
To make it worse, her mgr wasn't around.
I got him calmed somewhat and he will simply call the owner and not shop there again.
Did she go overboard? I think so and he obviously does.

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