I have had these bullets for a while and finally decided to try them out,,seeing how much it cost per round to shoot I decided on 4 shot groups instead of 5 shots I like to use.

Lapua Brass
300 gr Nosler Accubonds
Fed 215 Primers
89grs H1000
3.725 COAL

all three groups are 1/2 inch or so
the Nosler bullet does not seem to care how much powder I load so I am gonna load 10 more with the 87 gr load that is the center target and try and see how it holds together at 500 yards then hopefully at 1,000,
the Accubonds are actually higher $$ than the Berger bullets but I honestly believe the Noslers are more consistant and I would trust them to respond better on soft targets,,

I will promise you that even with the brake the 300 gr bullets will demand your attention when you squeeze one off,, \:o

and Judd thanx again for the scope,it has found a home,,

I wound up shooting 24 rounds in an hour and off a bench rest this thing is a handful ,

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