So, here's my deal. I have helped others maintain gardens before but never started my own. 3 of my family members, my wife, and I have decided we're going to have a garden this year. I really love the idea of providing food for myself and knowing where my food is coming from. We've been processing our own deer for a long time and to me this is just one more step into being more self-reliant. We're going to can and freeze what we can (that's a whole separate issue). I live in South East TN and am blessed with ground that you can grow absolutely anything on; you'll just have to trust me there ;\) .

So, my question is this. When do I need to start planting the produce below? Should I be starting seeds at home now or should I buy established plants? I would love to have some seeds that are not "modified" - if that is the right word. For instance, a buddy of mine has some sort of green beans that originated from the "off spring" of 100+ year old stalks of beans that his grandfather had - I just think that is awesome. Of course, I know buying established plants is probably necessary for a first timer like myself too. I would also like to grow things in succession where appropriate. So could you help me out here?

Green Beans (the good kind to grill or sautee' not sure what type yet): __
Okra: __
Cherry Tomato: __
Zuchini: __
Squash: __
Sweet Potato: __
Punkins: __
Apple Gourds: __
Bell Peppers (aren't these Red Peppers too)?: __
Tomato for stewing/canning (type?): __
Carrot: __
Watermelon: __

We're no strangers to farm work, food plots, and that type of work; we've just never took the leap into growing our own vegetable garden before.

Many thanks in advance!
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