I have always wanted to got to Out of state hunting bow or gun , public land or private . After a lot of promise's from friends I haven't got to go yet . If some one don't mind showing me the ropes on a out of state hunt next season . I will be glad to trade out a tennessee deer or turkey hunt or both , I have acess to three farms in Lincoln county tennesse , I don't promise a kill of either deer or turkey and don't expect one in return . I might even consider if some one is willing to exchange instate hunts , just to change it up a bit . But really looking for a out of state hunt. With saying that I am a Christian . I don't drink, or do drugs and don't want to hunt with any one that does , not being judgemental but that's just my personal choice . I was promised for the 3 year in a row a trip with a couple buddy's to Shawnee nation forest public land . I am tried of being jerked around . If anyone is interested give me a shout . Thanks