I thought this was the best AD last night. Everyone including myself are always watching for the funniest ad, but i thought this one was the best hands down. Just shows we could use more like it. Ofcorse you got those who are already knocking it, due to linking God,or Dodge or Farming. WOW, they need to get a grip. It was a about farmers, and in good taste by dodge.
Great Paul Harvey commentary, that i and many have not heard if Dodge hadnt brought it to us.
How dare Dodge link farmers to pick up trucks. Whats next they might use Construction or towing,ect.. in truck ad's,oh my
Farmers and pick up trucks and God go together like a hand and glove.
Tastfully done by Dodge, it wasnt a in your face truck ad, get over it people and enjoy the message.

Amazing the people who had a problem with this ad, but the trashy ad's were fine. If truth was known, most who had the problem with it wasnt due to link to Dodge, but it being about morals and values.
I Shouldnt be amazed, as people are also fine with Obama using childern for gun controll

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