2 fish I have been wanting to figure out how to catch in the winter, before it warms up and gets easy to catch em. Smallmouth and carp... I know the smallies will be a lot easier. I hear a lot about small jigs, tube jigs, etc. This is creek fishing so current is a factor. What type of structure and/or cover, and current do you fish around and what is your lure of choice for smallmouth in the winter? The carp, I will try and figure that out myself. All I catch is largemouth and the occasional spot. They are great because they are an easy way to keep your line tight when other fish won't bite, but they can get a bit boring after a while and I would prefer smallmouth if I am bass fishing. I might venture to wade one of our creeks here soon if it's warm enough to wear some shorts. thanks for any tips
Haven't been this excited about deer season

...since last deer season