well I got 2 TRs from the 'vous. One to save for later and one to use now.

I will most likely find a rock or stump to put on the ground and put the TR on top of that, because the river bottom area will get swampy in places after a heavy rain, and it dissolved a brand new deer cane salt block. I know it's ok for it to seep into the ground, but when the whole area is a swamp the salt can dilute...

Anyway back on topic, I have not been able to get trail cam pics of a buck since the end of deer season. Occasional does, and coons every single night. Lately it just got to only coon pics, and a few pics of a yote. I finally moved the camera off the corn pile, and put it on some random deer trail. I haven't checked it yet. With a spider web of deer trails, many of which are used by mainly does, I can't decide where to put the TR. Scouting involves a lot of crashing through tall briars. Lots of good bedding cover and dense briar patches, as well as clearcut-type dense sapling growth, a few privet bushes, red cedars, etc.

I figure the dense cow trail type trails and spider webs are mainly used by does, as I have observed during evening hunts during deer season. Is there a good way to tell where the bucks are hanging out based on trails and beds? Doe beds seem to be in clusters. Do bucks usually bed alone? If I find a big, single bed inside a "pocket" of dead briars and bushes, is that more likely a buck?

Dang sorry for rambling. If you were to put a TR in the dense habitat I have described, what types of deer sign would you look for to get good deer pics? Will the bucks find the TR and use it pretty much anywhere in the thicket, or do I need to find where the bucks are hanging out? too many deer trails and bedding areas to decide where to put the TR. Also would use it as a spot to bow hunt during bow season. There are rubs basically everywhere throughout the whole thicket, but rubs happen mainly when the bucks are cruising, right? I can't find where the bucks have been since deer season. Help me out if my post makes any sense... where would you look to put a TR and a trail camera to get a good idea of your deer herd? Thanks