First of all thank you to everyone that took the time and put forth the effort to make it to the vous.
As I said, I know it isn't easy and the weather made that a true statement once again.

Maybe the second week of August would be a good time to do it, then it would drop to about 30 degrees and snow. That would be welcome in August.

Thanks to CC and Bobby G for jumping in there and helping me out ALOT too. Wouldn't have made it without ya'll.

Aaron, you are top notch. He bought a very nice rifle, some ammo and a target to be given away that helped pay for the entire gig.

Thanks to everyone who donated stuff to be sold for charity or given as door prizes.
We might not have had enough for everyone to win something, but we had some awful nice stuff to give away.

Thank you very much to Alan P, SCN, Mitchell Bailey and Ben for doing their presentations.
They were all awesome as usual and very informative.
Thanks to SCN for touching on the subject that Monty was going to cover as he wasn't able to make it due to the weather.

Monty did leave me a message and offered to do a conf call but we didn't have the ability to pull that one off at in the conf room where we were meeting.

Grizzly did his usual thing and got some absolutely BEAUTIFUL calls donated to raise money for charity, thank you man.

Aaron and Turkeyburd provided and cooked boston butt and chicken.
I am sure Aaron did all the work but I had to thank burd too. \:D

Heard rumor of someone asking about some stolen firewood but didn't know nothing about it. I did mention I saw turkeyburd in the area. \:\)

We had alot of fun and raised some money for some good causes and I enjoyed seeing everyone.
Wish I could mention each and every person but the ole memory ain't what it used to be.

We did have a TWRA officer ask us to take a poll and see what subject you all would like to hear about and they would do that.
Give me or CC a shout and we will make a list and pick the top vote getter and go from there.

We have already began getting a vous committee together and ALOT more planning will go into next years vous so get ready for a much bigger and better one next year.

A date will be announced in, get this..... a couple of weeks !!! \:D

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for coming, thanks to all the vendors that came and all the hard work that helped this go off without a hitch.

If I left you out, I am sorry, it is not intentional.
Youth is wasted on the young.