Dont ask why Katie is in all these pics but I can say we all had fun...Oh yeah for the record Bobby G's son and my girls had a great time and it goes to show that the pre-Vous is family friendly and should be enjoyed by ALL TnDeer members...

DA, Spoon, Myself, and soon to be Doelicious (my wife)

have no clue what spoon is saying but Tiffany is into it, LOL

Saturday Vous

Opening prayer by Nimrodd

Our fearless and Hard working Leader...Thanks for it all Ruger

Signing in with CutNcaller

Our very own Scholar of TnDeer Hawk

Hog Presentation by TWRA...Thanks to all the TWRA Officers

New and improved members this year \:\)

Lou Lou and MrsGrizzly listening to the Hog Talk

Several members we enjoyed...Bobby G and son far left, Catman, Nimrodd and wife, and a few others

Spoon and Candy and others enjoying the morning session...

TurkeyBurd even made a guest appearance before he had to leave for work...

Lou Lou holding a great example of one of TN finest deer...Thanks to Catman...

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