With all the guns-ammo being sold, I reason that food and other supplies will be just as important if the SHTF. I have started collecting the essentials, but still have a long way to go. I found food grade 5 gal. bucket at Lowes, and there are lots of prepper sites that sell the sealable mylar bags to put in your food buckets, as well as water purifying urns.
Several important items to save are disposable butane lighters, and over the counter meds, including antibiotics, which could be a lifesaver, or used for bartering. I found that fish antibiotics are the same ones given to humans in many cases, and can be ordered from pet supply stores, without a prescription, and at a fraction of the cost of pharmacy brands. Google fish antibiotics for plenty of info. Also looking to buy fuel storage tanks. I'd appreciate input on other essential items to start saving.
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