Well I done something I have never done b4 while hunting yotes.....PASSING THEM UP !!! I am on a quest to kill a white yote that has been seen in an area I have access to. It is running with a big red male yote and has been seen multiple times on at least 3 different farms that range about 8 miles apart . I have been twice so far trying to locate it. Being on the right place at the right time when it is there is just a crap shoot and so far I have struck out . I have called up 4 yotes on those 2 trips and passed on all 4 in hopes the white one would show. I hate to tip my hand by shooting the other yotes but it is getting darn tough to keep passing on them. I have killed just about every color phase of yotes but a white one and they are about as rare as a pink elephant. Which now that I think of it I have not seen one of them either... :D. Although I have not seen it yet the ones who have say it has just a hint of light brown in the shoulder area. I have put out the word to the local landowners to call me ASAP if they see it so I can get on it as quick as I can. It has become an obsession almost like hunting a big buck. If I get it I will post it for all to see. Would love to mount it up for sure!