Alright so I'm new at this. Just had the landowner that I hunt on agree to alow me to try and establish some clover in 1/2 acre. I have read some of the other posts and it has been helpful. I want to do a soil test. Should I use a store bought, do it yourself, send off, other suggestions? The field currently has grass, fairly thin that I plan to rake/thatch to get all the dead out of it. I can not till or spray any herbicide. I plan to frost seed towards the end of this month or first of march. Will Durana work? and will chicory frost seed as well? As far as lime, what will give me the best results this late in the game? Liquid lime, pulverized, pellets? I will use a broadcaster that I will tow behing the ATV. And fertilizer, when should it go down in this case? Shoud I wait for the lime to work a bit and/or when the clover starts to establish? Just as everyone else I want my efforts to be realized come time for the bow to come out. Thanks for your input and any further suggestions.

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