I've got more than a dozen of these cams and have had more over the years. They used to be great for the $, and had great customer service when you had a dud.
The quality has gone to pot. Out of the last 6 I've bought, 3 have been duds in different ways. One won't turn on, the other the sensor works up to a whopping 5 feet, and the other one says on on the battery drains in about 3 days. One is a different model, so not unique to the model. Their customer service stinks now too, if you can get them to answer the phone. I was informed they have no way to repair their own products. And won't replace unless receipt within a yr (should've kept.) The guy on the phone wouldn't hardly listen to the problem. But they suggested I could take their product to a local camera shop and they maybe could help. THANKS FOR THE GENIUS ADVICE.
I know I got the discount up front with the cheap purchase price. But I will never buy another one, and wanted to pass my experience along to others. I suggest you look for deals on other brands, because I will.

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