Have any of you fellas shot any of this stuff? I got a 2 lb kit of it at Gander the other week and took a 1/2 lb jug of it over to dads. I mixed it up and set it out about 130 yds from us. We had never been around any of it other than seeing it on TV and YouTube. I let dad do the honors while I stood back and observed. WOW!!! I had on ear muffs and that stuff is horrendously loud...it jarred the ground from where we were. It was so loud we were thinking the neighbors would call the police on us. I can't imagine shooting more than a 1/2 lb of it. It blew a small crater in the ground...about 11x12 in size and 2" or so deep. Nothing was left of the container.

I reckon the stuff is just ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. The 2 lb kit of tannerite was around $25 at Gander. But ammonium nitrate is what most instant freeze packs are made of...you can get those at Walgreens and Walmart for about $3 per two in a box...cut the packs open and remove the white pellets..
and have about a half pound worth for under $5. All you need then, is aluminum powder...about a table spoon per 1/2 lb
which I have no idea where to buy aluminum powder. Guess you could take a piece of aluminum and a grinder and go at it lol. Mix it up to where the pellets turn grey, put it in a container like an empty plastic jar or bottle with lid...then shoot it from far off. Hope you don't cause your neighbors to mess their drawers. haha