I just recently discovered this wingbone call in a box beards and spurs. It's one of the first ones I ever made and I like it a lot . . . or at least I used to. I called in a few turkeys with it and it was the one I kept in my vest for a couple of years. An ex-girlfriend surprised me with the hand painted turkey and tracks. I liked the painting so much that I quit carrying this one and displayed it. Unfortunately, the very though of that bit*h now gives me nightmares and thus the call gives me nightmares.

So, if anybody wants a handmade hand painted wingbone call, make me an offer. Although I must warn you, it may be cursed with evil.

Because it was one of my first ones, the joints aren't perfect. The filler I used to make them flush compressed some over time after I wrapped it, but I'm probably the only one that notices it.

I'm not looking for anything in particular, but if you've got a nice call that you don't use any more I would love to trade it for a call I'm not scared of.

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