Outdoors With John L. Sloan Copyright 1-30-13
January 30, 2003

Okay-My Take on Gun Control.

On a regular basis, someone will ask me what I think about gun control. Most are amazed at my answer. You see, I do not care. It is not about gun control. It is about control. Period. Guns are just the current vehicle. To make legislation more palatable, the focus is on “assault weapons”, the ones the gangstas hold sideway and spray bullets everywhere.

You can ban the sale of various types of firearms. You can ban the sale of large capacity magazines. It does not matter. That is not what gets innocent people killed. All of the rational arguments explaining this are useless because it is not about guns. It is about control.

Any of the recent atrocities could have been committed by anyone using any of the legal firearms or any of the illegal ones. All politicians and various groups have to espouse gun control because that is what is expected. I am not even sure if the shooter in the latest shooting was even using an assault weapon. As I understand it, it was in his car’s trunk and was a shotgun. Does not matter. He had one. Case closed.

I do not care if they ban “assault” weapons. Just what is an assault weapon? Is it any firearm with a pistol grip, folding stock and looks super deadly neat. That is what they always show on television as the weapon used no matter if it was or not? If I take a super sharp machete and whack about 20 people into parts, would that be an assault weapon? What possible difference does it make if a rifle fires one time each time you pull the trigger or just once every time you work a loading action? So my rifle only holds four bullets. So what? I can shoot eight people before anyone can do anything about it. That should qualify as an atrocity, I would think.

I am in favor of strict background checks. Of course, for the most part, they do no good. Heroin is illegal but it doesn’t keep anyone who wants it from getting it. I favor stricter penalties and for sure stricter enforcement. However, I also know it will not do any good when the court puts the miscreant back on the street in two weeks. No doubt about guilt? Instant execution. But hell, I’m as radical as the other side.

When people go crazy and are serious about doing insane things, you are not going to stop them by banning an “assault” weapon. You stop them by diagnosing them in advance and locking them up. Sound cold, harsh and cruel? Sounds effective to me. Shut them up where they can do no harm.

For a real long time.

These terrible acts are committed by three kinds of people: The insane, the gang type (insane in my book.) and the internally dead, hardened criminal. All three types can and will get assault weapons, large capacity magazines and all the ammunition they want.

Just as they do now.

I also favor professional, trained armed guards at schools. I am opposed to just arming teachers who “took a course”. There are plenty of retired and newly discharged military out there needing work and they are trained and are proficient with most types of firearms. Moreover, they can and will shoot first if need be. Pay them and pay them well with some of that money we are wasting in the Middle East. Do not just arm a teacher who has never looked down the sights at a live human being. Pay someone trained to make instant decisions of life or death.

I own no illegal firearms or large capacity magazines. I have never had a need for them. I do not enjoy shooting tin cans or paper targets and they are not my choice for hunting. I have all I need for hunting and home defense. I fully intend to keep them…whatever it takes to do so. I feel secure that no United States elected official would be as foolish as to espouse coming in my house or any legal residence and demanding our firearms. That won’t fly here in the U.S. of A. don’t matter who is president.

Understand something. Should I go further off my rocker than some think I am, I could kill half of Lebanon with just what I have. I would not need an assault weapon or a 30-round magazine. In 1966, a seriously troubled, former Marine, Charles Whitman, sat in the tower on the University of Texas campus and one shot at a time with a simple deer rifle killed 14 people and wounded 32 others before police were able to reach him. He shot them at long range, a far longer range than most can accurately shoot an assault rifle. He just took his time and picked his targets, snacking as he did so. I recall it well because I was in Austin at the time.

Any hunter with moderate training and practice could easily hide and pick off unsuspecting people at 300-yards. A few years ago, a group of us shot at playing cards at 400 yards…and hit them. Let me add, we were and are, perfectly sane, normal men and women. Think what you could do to a crowded downtown street. You don’t need an assault weapon unless you are going to fight a drug cartel or combat gang violence. (Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute.) However, there is no legitimate reason for banning them. Due to this most recent panic, the American public has slowly become as well armed as the criminals. The hunting public is already by far, the largest army in the world.

Gun control is a joke. It does nothing to control violent, senseless crime. Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws I know of. Yet, in Mexico, a day with only a few hundred or so murders is a slow day. Juarez is averaging about 30 a day according to the last figures I saw. Try selling gun control to the cartels. Then, while you are at it, ask where they got their guns. However, as I said, that common sense approach to offset gun control does not work because common sense is not a factor.

I do not fear or worry about gun control. I fear what is happening to our country. I fear what my children and grandchildren will inherit, Heck; I fear what I am going inherit in just the next few years. But gun control is of little concern to me. Anyone will still be able to buy or sell anything they want.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.