I'd like to do some things to get better accuracy out of my 700 BDL 30-06 with laminate stock. First off I'd like to keep the factory look as much as possible because this was gun was a gift and has sentimental value. And I don't want to break the bank doin it. Just getting the itch to reach out there a little farther 500-600yds. Currently, I'm only getting 1" 1/2 groups at 100yds with factory loads. I'm looking to get some decent optics for it now. Really looking at the Vortex Viper 4-16X.

Other than quality glass and handloads, what else can I do to the gun? Looking for helpful tips or links to good websites. The barrel is not free-floated. Also in my google searches I've found a little info on bedding the action. And can I adjust the factory trigger myself with minimal gunsmithing knowledge? Thanks for any help I can get. I'm gonna make this my off-season project. I know I can get a lot of aftermarket custom things such as a barrel, trigger, stock, etc. but I'm really looking for ways to make the stock gun a better shooter.