Took the day off and my dad and I headed to Wilson Lake.. When we got there I had to swap out the trolling motor battery..its hidden under the rear fishing seat.. well in the middle of this.. i lean on the seat and break it clean off from the hinges... so instead of fishing I have to round up my drill and bits and do boat repair.. right off the get it fixed and float out into the creek.. head up to one of my "secret" spots and start catching a few bluegill.. I decide to move to a freshly fallen oak tree and try it.. I troll up there and the first 3 cast I have 3 really nice bluegill.. I drop my anchors and proceed to start hauling them in.. they are hitting worms and my new monkey milk jigs... then it starts... my dad cast over 2 or 3 limbs and the line wraps its self into a blood knot.. no worries...I hit the trolling motor to un hang him and I wrap the anchor line all up in my prop.. well its twisted so tight i cant untie it.. so..I simply unscrew the fancy nut holding the prop on and start to take it off.. that's when i see a pretty little shiny thing plop into the lake.. ?? a washer?? OH.NO.. not a washer but the pin that goes through the shaft to make the prop turn.. well now im starting to get a little red.. but I the master machinist for 30 years aint gonna let that stop me.. I find a great big stainless catfish hook.. break off the eye.. break of the bottom of the hook and make a new shaft.. I turn the motor vertical so i dont drop the new "pin" the prop on and just as I start to screw the fancy nut on..the whole trolling motor turns upside down... my pin, and my prop go plop... right into the drink... all im left with is my fancy trolling motor nut.. in a fit of anger..I rare back and sail it as far into the river as i could...typical day fishing.. we managed to salvage the day by running the big motor and anchoring... ended up with 2 bass.. (released) about 45 bluegill (ate 7 just now) and probably 30-40 stripe that averaged 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound... it was a good day after
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