well at least the pound i have

bad jug forsure

back before ml

my buddy brought it over after opening up a new lb
having all sorts of issues with his ML savage

the previous owner gave him his load info with a 290 gn barnes bullet

well he cam over and i went to shooting it would not hold a 10 inch group and the bullets down range were key holing the target
i want to say the load was 43 grains i pulled out chrony and was like 800-1000 fps

poured 68 gn h4198 my powder in it 2400 fps shooting great
he went on to shoot 2 does and left me the jar of powder

so today i got bored and loaded up a few rds of 223 with a 55 gn fmj i figured my speed will be a lil low as i shoot a 9 inch bbl in 223

well 750-850 fps

then i ran my hunting load 60gn partition over re 15 2475 fps as usual

no doubt you can get a bad jug of powder
Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know