The experiment in the works.

When Boo was born in 1994 , we decided to raise her different. We decided we would raise her to be self sufficient. We did not want her on teams or learning team work type skills. we wanted her to be responsible for her. Her decisions on what she would do and the consequences would be solely on her. The reason we put her in Archery. I person, 1 responsible party! Everyone doe not get a trophy type environment.
Well now she is in college and I notice that she makes very wise decisions. She tells me stories of some of these kids and how everyone is drunk or doing drugs and how she puts her ear buds in and just stays away from them all.
She is not ashamed to tell anyone she is waiting for marriage and refuses to follow the trend of the average kid these days. She rarely says a curse word and works her butt off. She still comes home and shoots 100 arrows a night no matter how tired she is and is really committed to being the best she can be.
No boyfriends, she dumped her 1st and only one over 2 years ago. It lasted 4 months.
I am very interested in seeing how this one turns out. I think I may take my other two youngest in that same direction.

I took Devin my second child thru the public school system and the team thing while teaching the same values. I am afraid I made a mistake on that one as he is having major issues and we are at our wits end with him.

New shall see! I guess we will look back on it all in years to come and know what we did right and wrong. Parenting is sure an adventure!!
Love God, Love people, Live Gospel!!