Just wondering if any members have any experience with this insurance company.

A hot water pipe UNDER the slab broke and they won't pay for repairs because there is no damage inside the house. The water drained down through the backfill to the lowest corner of the lot and exited through the foundation blocks, directly above the foundation, a very tiny piece of mortar was loosened. Already carried it pretty far up the ladder, going to go higher (and get a new insurtance company).

I opted to re-route pipes rather than knock holes in my floor and the guy did a great job, PM me if you need a Christian pumber who doesn't think your floors are paved with gold.

My advice to all-read that policy very carefully. There are more places for the insurance comapny to wiggle through than a seine net. BTW, this was my first claim ever; 18 years worth of good customer apparently doesn't mean much.