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Ah, a site after my own heart. I am a retired police officer with an intimate knowledge of how municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies work separately and combined into task forces. I have worked with agencies varying from BATF and DEA, to the Israeli Mossad, and US Special Ops. All of these things lead me to two conclusions: first, the government cannot protect you from crime, whether it be gun crime, or home invasions with crowbars and hatchets. Second, the greatest threat to a free people, is an armed government and a disarmed populace. The people need to be able to meet any tyrannical threat on an equal basis. We don't knock on your door with a 7 shot pistol in our hands. You as a citizen, cannot defend yourselves, nor prepare a proper defense with your neighbors and friends with single shot pistols, or at best, pump shotguns. The government ( my old colleagues ) come with one mantra: overwhelming force with speed, surprise, and violence of action. We are armed with M4s and other high powered assault weapons. At the time of the Revolutionary War, had the citizens not been armed with weaponry roughly equivalent to military hardware, we could never have formed our nation. Now this government, despite constant warnings from the Founding Fathers, the 2nd Amendment, and tales to be prepared for resistance to the signs of a tyrannical government, wishes to disarm us. No. I don't think so. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing, I don't want our country to fulfill this prophetic statement, and be saddled with a ruler, to govern us with absolute power, which is Obama's goal. He has control of the media, who worship him with some sort of messianic fervor I cannot understand, but that is how the devil works. He speaks of peace, while preparing to wage a war against us. United against him, with the forces of many states behind us, and armed with the power of prayer, we can turn back this evil tide. I urge you, and everyone you come into contact with to write to your Congressmen and women, especially the conservatives, and urge them to stand absolutely firm and say, we will accept no new gun control laws. Not one, and your people will stand behind you. Do this, and let them know we can win them the Senate at the mid term Congressional elections if they stand strong and get us there by holding back Obama and his evil tide of worshippers. We follow the Constitution as our law, as the President was sworn to do, and obviously lied, making HIM the domestic enemy of the United States. The one all military and law enforcement personnel have sworn an oath to defend AGANST. I also urge you to write to your county, state, and local law enforcement officials, and remind them of this oath we have taken. The people are their boss, we are the President's boss, and our rights will not be infringed upon by an arrogant, narcissistic tyrant with hopes of absolute power, destruction of our relationship with Israel ( and I believe ultimately Israel herself), and the growth of one world governing body. If you are a child of Christ, and know scripture, you know that the Lord Himself said of Israel, I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you. As our nation's support for Israel has waned, and our support for radical muslim governments has simultaneously grown, it is no wonder our nation is undergoing unprecedented division, economic deficit, a severely diminished military, and a President who can do no wrong in the eyes of the liberal media. I plan to keep in close touch with your site. Thank you for presenting a forum for those of us who believe in the immortal words of Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty, or give me death". I have no fear of death, for my name is in the Book of Life. This is something for all to consider in these troubling times.