My 07 Ford explorer is done for. Tranny started getting real bad this winter. I bought it with 40k miles on it and it started slightly slipping around 50k. Pulled a 1500lb boat a few times this summer And the transmission started slipping real bad around November. I refuse to believe pullijg the boat less than a dozen times caused this. The explorer always slammed into reverse and changed gears really hard.

I was told I had to have a new tranny yesterday. $3500. My wife just got a new car and we have a baby due in two months. Not good timing, but I'm getting rid of this garbage. Too many issues with it, not to
Mention I just replaced radiator on it. I believe explorers are known for tranny issues. It would be that big f a deal if it hasn't been slipping since shortly after I bought it.

Now, I am looking to spend 17k or less when I trade this explorer in. I need something to pull my 84 bay liner. I have been looking at Tacoma and tundras. Not sure if I trust domestics anymore. Last vehicle was a z71 and it did fine for 5 years. Any thoughts? Advice?

When shopping used much does mileage matter to you? My wife has this idea in her head that we shouldn't buy over 100k miles in a vehicle.