I am a very proud Dad!!

Not a Team Player
My sport is not by far the most popular. In fact most people don't even realize it is recognized in the Olympics. The sidelines are not filled with soccer moms or yelling dads. In fact the crowd is silent when I'm in the spotlight and it all comes down to me. For a split second I think of what I've learned and wait for my muscles to put themselves into place. I draw and hold,breathe, like a machine the exact same way I have done 150 times every day before now. And then comes the moment of truth when everything is released and all I can do is watch my arrow fly.
Archery is one of the few sports that does not require a team. There is nobody who is going to get you the gold metal or on the top of that podium. Nobody can sweat, fight, shoot or want it for you it's all about your dedication. How many arrows you're willing to send through your bow when you're tired from a long day of work like everyone else. How are you going to become so confident that when you draw the bow you know the center of the target will soon be gone.
I think that's the way it should be. All these schools and organizations focus on teamwork and team effort, but I think life is a bit harsher than that. When you grow up you learn that there is no team. Nobody is going to find it for you or fight for what you want but you. You can listen to advice and learn all you can but in the end it's not about anyone else's dedication. It isn't about blaming someone else for your results. It's about how hard you fight, how long you strive. How when you're standing alone you never stop fighting.
The result from the fight is when you step into the spotlight knowing it's all up to you, as it always has been. After all the work it's taken to get here you remember, I wanted to be here. as you load your arrow and watch it fly.
Love God, Love people, Live Gospel!!