if I didn't lose count I caught 31 fish and threw a handful back but kept a lot of them. I was fishing with Mudbone and one of his buddies, but I got there almost an hour ahead of them and got a head start on the fishing, they were biting good in the cove especially the bluegills. But a couple of nicer bass took the big rooster tail I threw. All the gills were caught on a trout magnet under a bobber. Here are the ones I kept -

the biggest one, 2 lbs 2 oz, not huge but a nice addition to the stringer. I rarely keep bass but I felt like keeping these, they will eat good.

The biggest bluegill was pushing 9 inches but I didn't have a tape and haven't measured it yet, they will be filleted asap but I will measure the big gill before I cut it up.

going back in the morning with another friend, hope to catch a few more.