Going to be at the Vous again this year and will be setting up two tables with hunting items for sale. Some of the items I will have there will be Muck Woody Max (9-13), Muck Fieldblazer (9-13), Muck Woody Elites (9-13), Muck Ex Pro (closout 8-9), Summit Specialist SD, Summit 180 Max SD, Summit Surround Seat, Summit Footrest, Bushnell Trophy Cams, Bushnell Backtrack, Garmin 320 Combo/DC 40 Collars, & several other hunting items.

I want to let you guys know the the Vous is a great place to meet other TN Deer members and also learn whats going on with TWRA and updates on the hunting regs.

If you know of an item that you are interested in, than send me a PM so I can make sure to bring an extra. Thanks, Bruce

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