Sorry no pics guys, OPSEC. I got to play around with it this morning. Range went hot at 0930 and we just wrapped up. Targets from 800 meters to 1200 meters. The rifle is boringly accurate with one of the best actions I've ever got to play with, incredibly smooth for a military bolt action. The trigger itself is very smooth with a little take up and breaks clean. The stock itself took some getting used to for me. I could get comfortable with it but in the end, I'd rather have an A-5. The scope was a Schmidt and Bender PM II. I'll just go ahead and say I'm ruined on glass now. Best glass I have looked through period. I liked the reticle, it wasn't too busy. The turrets had a nice distinct click to them and tracked perfectly. Just thought I'd let yall know how my morning went and give my opinionated short and sweet review. I have to get back to work.
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