I bought Howa's Encore smokeless conversion and put it on my Pro Hunter frame. I paired it with a 3x9x40 Redfield Revolution Scope.

I finally got around to getting the scope mounted on it and have took the opportunity to shoot it the last two weekends. Man, I love not having to clean the thing. \:\)

I shot last weekend at 50 yards to get my scope in the ballpark. I shot 200 gr XTP, light blue harvester, and 56 gr H4198. I basically had it lined up after about 4 shots.

This weekend, I was ready to tinker a little and back out to 100 yds. I got it shooting good but a little high with the XTPs and 60 grains of H4198. It kicks like a mule with the 60 grains.

I then shot a group with the SST and Barnes 195 with 60 grains to see what I wanted to shoot for hunting purposes. It is 4" high at 100 with the SST and 2" high at 100 with the Barnes. Both group very well even though I didn't measure either one of them (they are both less than an inch). I now have to decide which bullet that I want to hunt with before making a minor scope adjustment down because it will shoot either one.

I think that I will stick with the 60 grains. This shouldn't be pushing it too much, and it shoots good with that amount. I also don't know if my shoulder or nose could stand a bigger dose. Even though this scope has a long eye relief, I came very close to having "scope eye" as the scope barely kissed my nose on one shot. I don't have a chrono but from looking at charts, I am assuming that I should be pushing close to 2600 fps.

I am glad that I took the smokeless route so far. The funny part is that it looks like a "toy" with the 24" barrel. That is until you shoot it.

Any opinions either way on the SST vs the Barnes??? I have read good on both, and it seems to me to just pick one and go with it.
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