I was shooting yesterday trying to find the best load for deer season. Of course mine loves the 300gr hornady xtp with the MMP short sabots that came with the rifle.

I am trying to find a better bullet/sabot combo to you.
I am going to re try .458 Barnes Original ssp w/ MMP Orange and Harvester BCR

I am also going to try the .452 hornady 300gr SST. I think I have read so much I have gotten confused, but the best sabot combo for this is the MMP Short?

Is the MMP black short and the MMP HPH12 the same? I can't seem to find the black short.

Also what anti seize do you like? I would prefer something with less grease but have read the tape increases rust?

I am also shooting AA 5744. I am going to try to shoot 44gr assuming accuracy with acceptable / MOA